Alexey Molchanov
  • Multiple record holder and world champion
  • President of the Russian Freediving Federation
  • Founder of the international brand Molchanovs — a leader in the studying and training programs and production of premium freediving gear
  • Holder of current world records

Constant Weight Freedive to depth CWT — 130 meters

Free Immersion Freedive to depth FIM — 125 meters

Constant Weight Bifins Freedive to depth CWTB — 113 meters

Guinness World Record in Under Ice Freedive to depth — 80 meters

Guinness World Record in Under Ice Horizontal Freedive — 180 meters

Alexey Molchanov's record-breaking 130-meter deep dive in a monofin at Vertical Blue 2018.
Total count of world records: 14
World Record - AIDA deep diving in bifins (CWTB) - 110 m.
05.08.2019/ Caribbean Cup, Honduras

World record - CMAS diving without fins (CNF) – 85 m.
06.08.2019 Honduras

World record - CMAS diving in monofin (CWT) – 125 m
08.08.2019 Honduras

World record - CMAS deep diving in bifins – CWTB) - 110 m.
10.08.2019 Honduras

World record - CMAS rope diving (FIM) - 118 m.
11.08.2019 Honduras
Molchanovs Freediving Education
About us
Natalia Molchanova, the greatest freediver who ever lived, created a freediving education system to take a beginner, step by step, to an elite freediver.

Now, a group of the world's best freedivers and freediving trainers, including Alexey Molchanov, Adam Stern, Goran Colak and others, have taken that system, added their own expertise and revamped it to create something totally new.

It starts with Molchanovs Freediving Education, where you begin your learning through online content written by the best freedivers in the world. You will then be guided through your learning process by instructors with a passion for freediving. When you have completed your Wave or Lap course, you will gain access to the Base Training Community, a global freediving community founded on the philosophy and strategies of Natalia Molchanova.

We believe the best way to learn to freedive is through us. Email us at to find out more, or look for an instructor near you here.
Molchanovs - equipment store
Our team has the divers, underwater hunters and even world record holders, but because the equipment for freediving we began to do things for yourself. And now we dive into Molchanovs for training, competitions and for fun. We tested our underwater equipment with time, many hours of training and competitions, we made the necessary edits, making it better, until finally it earned the trust of our colleagues.

We continue to create new equipment and improve already popular models, taking into account the constantly growing demands of freedivers, swimmers and underwater hunters. In the Molchanovs store you will find premium products and budget options, equipment for frequent training and premium wetsuits for world-class competitions.

We sew wetsuits and make flippers to order according to your standards, we bring the best equipment from world manufacturers, we do everything to make diving comfortable, safe and beautiful.